This year the batteries of the iPhone will be bigger -


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Friday, 26 January 2018

This year the batteries of the iPhone will be bigger

Every time there is more news we receive about the iPhone that is being prepared for this year 2018. It already seems clear that it will not be just a model, but three of different sizes : 5.8, 6.1 and 6.5 inches , combining OLED screens and LCD screen for the intermediate size.

And if there is a concern in Apple is the famous battery, as the murky issue with which he dismissed the year on the management of the same , has made it for iOS 11.3 a system that alerts the user in the models oldest when the battery needs a change.

As we have informed you several times, the iPhone X does not have a battery, but two independent L-shaped that provide power to the device. There are some information that for the models that are prepared in this year 2018 will not be two in the form of L, but a single pile , although retaining the characteristic L shape.

Having a single piece, Apple engineers will take advantage of the union space that currently exists between both batteries to introduce a larger battery , so the iPhones of this 2018 will have greater capacity. This is a logical issue given the magnification of screens that are planned.

And it is the Korean company LG that is emerging as a candidate to manufacture the batteries of these devices , since engineers from both companies work hand in hand and LG has established a production line in the Chinese city of Nanjing, which would be dedicated exclusively to iPhone Also, they can also be done with the manufacture of OLED panels , together with Samsung, which now has it exclusively.

One thing that is clear, the iPhone is a machine to make rumors and generate excitement. That is why we will be here to tell you all the news that the mythical telephone of the Cupertino company provokes.

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