This year ends the regional blockade of the EU for online purchases -


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Sunday, 7 January 2018

This year ends the regional blockade of the EU for online purchases

Although the European Union acts as a single market, there is currently a Regional Blockade in the EU, depending on the country where it resides. For example, it is not possible to contract an online service in Spain to be able to use it in another country due to the Regional Blockade, besides there are different prices.

The European Union agrees the end of the Regional Blockade for 2018, but not for Netflix or Spotify
Yesterday at the last minute the European Parliament, the Council and the Commission agreed to end the unjustified Regional Blockade for consumers who want to buy goods or services over the Internet within the territory of the European Union. This means ending discrimination when making purchases over the Internet, being exactly the same as visiting a physical store in another country.

All this will happen without the user being redirected or blocked. You can buy furniture, hotel rooms, concert tickets, car rentals, electronic devices and basically almost any good and service in another country. For example, a hotel room in Spain can be cheaper for a German (bought from an agency in Germany) than for a Spanish in a Spanish agency. With this new agreement, a Spaniard can buy the offer in Germany and use it in Spain.

Specifically, there will be three criteria that will be applied so that a client receives the same treatment by an establishment, regardless of the country since the purchase is made:

Sale of goods without physical delivery: a Spanish consumer can buy a cheaper refrigerator in an online store in Germany, provided that the customer picks up the package from Germany. This prevents a small business from having to take over the costly international shipment.

Sale of online services: a Spanish consumer finds it cheaper to buy a web hosting in Italy. Now you can buy the service without having to pay extra fees or be blocked or redirected to the page of your country.

Sale of services in a specific location : a Spanish family can buy a hotel room in Spain on a German website without having to be redirected to the Spanish version.

Netflix, Spotify or Steam: the Regional Blocking of audiovisual content is maintained. This new agreement does not apply to audiovisual content due to the complexity of the copyright in matters such as music, movies or series. For the time being, Regional Blocking will continue to exist on platforms such as Netflix or Spotify until more progress can be made in this area.

These amendments do not impose an obligation to sell nor do they seek to equalize prices across the EU (although as a result the latter will occur). What it does eliminate is discrimination when accessing goods and services in unjustifiable cases. This new system will come into force just nine months after it is published in the Official Journal of the European Union, so by the end of 2018 it will be in full force.

This agreement is encompassed in the Digital Single Market, within which the European Union has also managed to abolish the collection of roaming for users   throughout the European Union, so that when a citizen of one country travels to another he can continue using his same rate of calls, SMS and data.

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