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Thursday, 18 January 2018

Universale: the contact agenda of the future for iPhone

First of all, you should know that Universale is much more than an address book . It is an application that will allow you to manage, manage and organize your contacts in a much more comfortable and efficient way . The app offers you a public and private agenda, so you can decide what data to share. So, you can encrypt your email, your personal data, your phone number ... Or on the contrary, share all this data with the rest of the world in an incredibly simple way.

Going deeper into matter, we could define Universale as a kind of social contact agenda , since with it, it is possible to add all kinds of contacts to our agenda: from friends and family to companies and institutions. All of them, logically, organized and categorized in a unique way.

You should know that Universale , which has been launched this week, is focused on all kinds of users, without barriers of any kind. In fact, this contact list of the future is available for both iOS and Android users.

How Universale was born 

The idea of ​​the app came to a young Spanish named Diego Figueroa while working in an American investment bank, where he decided to create an encrypted corporate communication system in order to safeguard the data by means of an encrypted code without the need to identify numbers of telephone or emails. Something like the "alias" of Telegram or that we use in social networks.

In this way, the Universale system respects the private data of each person and at the same time offers the possibility of contacting other users without having to go to third parties. Once implemented in his circle, Diego Figueroa decided to take the next step and evolve his idea so that it would no longer be limited to one company and would be available to everyone.

And here is where we talk about the birth of Universale, a self-updating, scalable and always available agenda , even if you lose your mobile or your phone number.

How to use Universale on iOS

Universale is the largest contact agenda in the world , because through its interface we can find other users. It allows us to contact any user quickly and efficiently.

Using Universale is really easy, since its user interface is very intuitive . All we have to do is register using our name, email and phone number.

Once you have accessed the application, you will notice that it has five sections or tabs at the bottom of it: Contacts, Recent, Universale, Search and Configuration.

From Contacts you will be able to manage and organize all your contacts agenda, worth the redundancy. From Recent you will have the opportunity to see the requests (sent and received) of other users who use the app. In the Universale tab you can access * a large database with the names of each user so you can contact them.

But most important of all is that each user can encrypt their phone number. Likewise, as a user, you can access the profile of each contact to request their private data through an application.

Finally, as mentioned, the application also has an international contact search section and a last configuration section to import contacts, add a profile photo, make your phone number and other information public, activate and deactivate notifications or see usage statistics.

Download Universale for iPhone and iPad

You can obtain the Universale application on your iOS device completely free of charge through the following download button:
Agenda de contactos Universale
Agenda de contactos Universale

Universale is a highly recommended contact list . A very creative idea that allows users to maintain a much more open communication with the rest of the world thanks to its network of contacts. Try it!

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