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Sunday, 14 January 2018

Vivo is ahead of the iPhone by integrating a fingerprint sensor under the screen

With the evolution of smartphones towards edge-to-edge screens with much finer (sometimes even non-existent) bevels, it is no longer possible to implement a fingerprint reader in a frame.

Now, the dream of technology companies is to include a tactile fingerprint sensor under the screen of smartphones . So far, nobody has achieved it with 100% effectiveness. Most companies have placed the reader on the back or on the side. Apple, for its part, simply removed the Touch ID feature of the iPhone X.

But there is a small halo of hope. At the CES of 2018, the company Vivo showed the world the first smartphone with a fingerprint sensor integrated under the touch screen.

Vivo has been working on a fingerprint sensor for the screen for some time

After several years developing this technology, finally Vivo has managed to produce a smartphone with a fingerprint reader on the screen. The company already announced a year ago that they had managed to "scan fingerprints on the screen" of a prototype in association with Qualcomm.

The new version of this Vivo fingerprint reader has been developed with Synaptics. The technology allows the panels of the OLED screen to emit light to illuminate the footprint of a user.

Without a doubt, we are facing the future of mobile security. Apparently, registering your fingerprint on this smartphone continues to work in the same way it does on today's smartphones. You place your finger on an icon at the bottom of the screen and the magic begins.

Once the configuration process is finished, the Vivo smartphone will be responsible for recognizing your fingerprint thanks to its sensors . You just have to press gently on the screen.

You can see its operation here:

    Feast your eyes on the world's first in-display fingerprint sensor on a phone. #ces #mashableces
    - Raymond Wong πŸ“±πŸ’ΎπŸ“Ό (@raywongy) January 11, 2018

As often happens with new technologies, the Vivo fingerprint reader is still not perfect. It has some faults when it comes to unlocking the smartphone, because you have to adjust your finger a lot on the sensor icon. But it is normal.

IPhone X users are delighted with Face ID , but it might have been a good idea to keep Touch ID additionally. Do you think that Apple will implement this technology on their screens in 2018 or will we have to wait longer?

Source | Mashable 

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