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Saturday, 27 January 2018

watchOS 4.3 arrives at your Apple Watch, what's new?

A couple of days ago, a new version of watchOS came to the watches of developers around the world, who gave up the possibility of having a stable system in exchange for being able to test the latest changes before anyone to prepare their applications. Although it is not a great update, but it is a version with some minor changes , watchOS 4.3 has enough news to make it worthwhile to take a look.

Thanks to a video created by MacRumors, we have been able to see more in depth these new features, and some of them are especially interesting. For example, we have the return of music control functionality on the iPhone from the Apple Watch, that is, we can access the lists and songs of our phone from the watch itself and control its reproduction, something that had disappeared in watchOS 4.

Another novelty is related to the sphere of Siri, which as you know, offers information proactively taking into account various factors such as, for example, the time. Now, it will also show us information about our activity rings , so we will not have to wait for the notifications that appeared when we were close to completing one or placing the dedicated complication in the sphere.

Finally, we have two visual improvements when it comes to charging our watch. On the one hand, every time we place the charger a new animation will be activated to indicate the current charge level. In addition, we will no longer have to place the clock horizontally to activate the table clock mode, since it will also work vertically, changing as soon as we modify the orientation of the Apple Watch.

And to you, what would you like to see in the next versions of watchOS?

Via | MacRumors 

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