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Thursday, 18 January 2018

What is VoWiFi and how does it work?

We talked to you recently about WifiMesh and how it's going to make life easier for wireless network users. In today's article we will talk about VoWiFi , what it is and how it will work. If you love technology and the world of networks, you can not leave even a crumb of this article.


The first thing we must remember is what VOiP is . When we talk about VOiP, we refer to voice over IP calls, which use wired connectivity. VoWiFi is the evolution of that service, since a wireless connection is used to connect by voice.

Thanks to VoWiFi we can make and receive calls through a WiFi network through your mobile. Thanks to this we can, among other things, reduce the use of roaming because you do not need to have mobile coverage. This will undoubtedly be a breakthrough and will take away our limitations when it comes to using our networks. So, how does VoWiFi work ? It will suffice to be connected to a WiFi network, this means that it will be useful in all those places where receiving mobile signal is difficult. But your good things do not end there, because as we have already said, the use of roaming will be reduced. If we do not have to use this coverage, they will not charge us for it.

The receiver of the call does not need to have VoWiFi or a WiFi connection at that time. It usually requires an LTE terminal and an updated version of the operating system , however it is also compatible with 3G / 2G networks.

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