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Sunday, 21 January 2018

What to do if you forget your Apple ID

There is something that we should all recognize, and that is that the vast majority of us do not have an elephant memory capable of collecting each and every one of the access data of each of the websites on which we register, and the ID of Apple is no exception. Taking into account that it is less and less necessary to write it , since we simply have to identify with our footprint when making purchases, the truth is that it is not something weird.

So, today we will leave you the methods by which you can remember the ID of Apple if you are ever forced to resort to them. Some are most obvious, but enough that they are so that we completely miss the possibility that we can find it through them.

Find your ID using the form on the Apple page

In case you do not remember which email corresponds to the Apple ID of your devices, you can go to the iForgot page , accessible from here and enter your name, surname and email. If the page does not recognize your mail, try to remember all the old email addresses that you could have used to register on the Apple website.

Use the devices with which you were able to log in

Yes, you probably can not use this method since, theoretically, you have lost access to your Apple ID, but if you have a device with the session started, you can access Settings, and select the first menu, which corresponds to the profile. Under your name, the email address associated with the iPhone, iPad or iPod should appear. In case you have a version before iOS 10.2, you can access the same menu from the iCloud section.

Try searching for it using iTunes on your PC or Mac

If the session of your Apple ID is still open in iTunes, you can check the email address from the top menu, in the Account section. You can also try to check if it appears in any of the purchases you have made and that appear in the library, selecting any of them, and going to Song information in the top menu, in the section of Edition.

Now you should have been able to recover your precious access data, but if you have not been able to do it, then you only have to contact them directly with Apple support, where they will try to help you in a personalized way.

And you, have you ever forgotten Apple's ID?

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