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Tuesday, 2 January 2018

What we expect from WhatsApp in 2018

We already know that WhatsApp is the app that awakens more passions . And the fact that everyone has it installed on their mobile means that every time the Zuckerberg application launches a new update, it becomes the news of the day in the technological media.

We can not complain: the 2017 brought a lot of functions (some more or less controversial) to WhatsApp and yet we still miss many more that make it not only the most popular messaging app but also the best one. A subjective title but that we believe today Telegram holds .

At 2018 we ask that WhatsApp bring us all these novelties:

A decent and independent app for iPad and Mac

Yes, we already know that we have WhatsApp Web and that we can use it both on our computers and on the iPad, but it is not the same. The app is not fluent, it gets stuck on many occasions and needs us to have our cell phone nearby, on and with enough battery. We want an independent iPhone app, that does not hang and that is much more fluid.

Send GIFs directly

Have you tried to send GIFs on WhatsApp? You better not do it because it's a pain. Maybe you did not even know it was possible and I do not miss anything. Inside a chat we have to go to + > Photos and videos > GIF and there use the search engine. A rollazo that would be solved simply by implementing a button to do it directly.

Bye bye, double blue check

Just as we believe that it is essential that there is an individual and double tick to verify that a message has been sent and received correctly, it seems absolutely essential and even healthy for our mental health that there is no double blue check .

We want freedom to choose when we read without explanations, to answer when we want or we can and not to worry because someone has been angry because we have heard an audio and we have not responded instantly. The control is toxic .

Video calls in group

It may sound like utopia but sooner or later it will arrive and it will be wonderful. If the video calls are great and the groups are great, why not combine both? In addition, it is a function that already exists in Hangouts or Skype, but implemented in WhatsApp would reach all audiences.

Whithout ads!

WhatsApp Companies , WhatsApp States ... yes, we know that Mark Zuckerberg wants to monetize the app he acquired in 2014 and will not stop until he achieves it. However we want that, being as it is the application with more users of the planet, find a way to make money with WhatsApp without integrating the tedious and annoying advertising . Is not it enough to cross our data with Facebook? 

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