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Tuesday, 23 January 2018

What will be called the new 2018 iPhone?

Apple's line of smartphones will be renewed this year 2018 with news that, we hope, will revolutionize the market. Currently, the company sells the iPhone SE, the iPhone 6s, the iPhone 7, the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X. Of course, in addition to the Plus versions of each model.

And all this not to mention the different colors and the different storage capacities of each terminal. So, we are talking about eight different iPhone models and four different sizes.

As for its design, we are practically facing three different versions , since both the iPhone 6s, the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 8 have a very similar design. While the iPhone SE and iPhone X have a completely different design.

Apple could present three new models of iPhone this 2018

According to all the rumors, the company plans to launch up to three different models of the iPhone:

  •     New version of the iPhone 5.8 inches.
  •     New version Plus of the iPhone X with 6.5 inches.
  •     A low-cost model of the iPhone X with LCD screen. 

In this short list we have included the release of the rumored iPhone SE 2 with certain features in common with the rest of smartphones but with an LCD screen that would considerably lower its cost.

Although it is impossible to know if we will see an iPhone SE 2 with the design of the iPhone X (without start button, with reduced side bevels, wireless charging and "notch") but if the company is consistent with its actions, this is where its technology should go.
What nomenclature will the 2018 iPhone have?

Thinking that the next generation of smartphones from Apple to become the iPhone XI is unlikely, considering that the iPhone X received its name due to the 10th anniversary of the iPhone . So Apple will opt for the iPhone 9 nomenclature following its natural cycle?

These are the possible iPhone nomenclatures that are expected for 2018:

  •     iPhone SE 2
  •     iPhone mini
  •     iPhone
  •     iPhone Plus
  •     iPhone Pro
  •     iPhone XI
  •     iPhone X Plus
  •     iPhone 9
  •     iPhone 9 Plus 

What do you think? What will be called the new Apple iPhone?

Via | 9to5mac 

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