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Friday, 12 January 2018

WhatsApp fills with bubbles in its new update

The danger of the network is almost as great as the network itself. We never know who could be behind any of the nicknames that people are inventing in order to get closer and closer to those or those with whom they usually share any type of information, no matter what conversation is involved . That is the big problem of the Internet, and one of what until now was for the WhatsApp app.

And, from now on, and as we already mentioned earlier with other similar articles , the new update of WhatsApp will allow companies to display a unique identifier in the application so that users can recognize the official profiles . This business is very important, if we bear in mind that it is increasingly important to have a message service efficient and safe enough to replace SMS .

However, surely we are few who will ask you to use this new "badge", and the truth is that, as I said before, it is much simpler than it may seem. In order to avoid that ordinary users can impersonate large companies in the messaging platform, small insignias have been created that perfectly show if it is a case of phishing,

Thanks to this icon, you can also think twice about adding a contact in those cases in which any company contacts us for any type of question or for advertising. Now you will have the opportunity to know with total precision if it is worth opening the message, as it happens in the case of Netflix of the United States.

And you, have you seen any verified profile on WhatsApp?

Source | WABetaInfo 

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