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Friday, 19 January 2018

WhatsApp gives the big jump to companies, and advertising comes behind

For a few weeks, WhatsApp has been preparing the launch of a completely new service , designed to cover a market for which it was not thought from the beginning. With the implementation of several new features in the different operating systems apps, users have been able to see how this new service was taking shape, and today, finally, the mystery has been unveiled. Or what was left of him, rather.

A few hours ago, WhatsApp has finally made official the launch of WhatsApp Business, its specialized application for business, which will allow them to access a more complete experience when it comes to serving their customers through the instant messaging platform. For now, the app is only available for Android phones in some countries such as the United States, Italy, the United Kingdom or Indonesia, but it is expected that the iOS version will not take too long to arrive.

Now, what are the improvements that this app brings with respect to the normal? Well, let's start with the statistics, which will now be much more detailed to control to the maximum extent the messages we share through WhatsApp Business. In addition, some options are included for the first time, such as quick responses , to facilitate interaction between customers and the company's profile with automation.

Of course, also come the company profiles, which will show a verification icon like the one we showed you previously so that we can easily identify the registered companies, thus preventing cases of fraud within the service. And all this, is already starting to be available to all users, so, let's hope it is used correctly, and not as a window to advertising.

And you, will you use WhatsApp to contact companies?

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