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Friday, 12 January 2018

WhatsApp implements a useful function for group chats

The WhatsApp messaging application, the most popular in the world and used by millions of people around the globe, wants to continue advancing and implementing functions that make it even bigger . Perhaps one of the last ones that it introduced and that has been very well received by the users is the possibility of eliminating messages once written, even though they can not spend more than 7 minutes.

In your eagerness to improve, today we have learned that soon you will implement a very useful function for groups, especially very large ones, and you will surely be part of one . What comes in a future update is the notification of mentions.

Surely you have ever found yourself in the position of opening a group of WhatsApp and find yourself with some dozens of unread messages, you have been lazy and have gone directly to the end. What the application wants to do, owned by Facebook, is to put the same notification system that Telegram, its great rival, has had for a long time.

In it, when someone mentions you in a group, if there are many messages before the message in which you are mentioned you will see a new button, and this will allow you to skip all those where it is not spoken about, to highlight the one in which he mentions you Those of us who use groups on Telegram attest to the comfort that this system supposes when there are many messages, making sure that you do not lose anything.

This update does not have a specific date of departure, but according to the source, could be shortly in any of the platforms in which WhatsApp operates, be it iOS, Android or Windows Phone. Follow our blog and social networks carefully to be up to date with everything that happens.

Via | WABetainfo 

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