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Saturday, 13 January 2018

WhatsApp prepares functions to avoid spam

With the globalization that the internet has supposed, the propagation of what is not interesting can also become a problem. We continually receive in our mail information that is better to discard.

And messaging applications, and WhatsApp in particular, contribute to the dissemination of this type of messages and information without contrast or directly false . We have echoed the scams of WhatsApp, such as Zara or Coca-Cola .

What usually reaches us by WhatsApp and is unclear information does so because some contact has forwarded it to many friends because if you do not forward it you will have ten years of bad luck . When a message is forwarded many times, WhatsApp would inform the user about this who sends it in this way.

It will be possible to select up to 30 messages at the same time to resend. In addition, the user can correctly resend a single message 25 times as a stop without alerts, otherwise an alert will appear on the recipient's phone, the message has been forwarded too many times.

If the user needs to send a message to many contacts, WhatsApp always recommends us to use the broadcast lists, where only the contacts that have your phone number in your address book will receive the message. And as long as these issues are taken, we make the same recommendation, stop to think if what you are going to send has credibility and from what source it comes.

WhatsApp Messenger
WhatsApp Messenger
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This antispam feature is not yet available, as WhatsApp does not block the messages that are sent. We do not know how it will be finally implemented and when it will be available, but it seems clear that the commitment of the application is clear, they do not want junk messages or serve as media for its propagation.

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