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Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Why do people hate the hipster girl of the iPad ad?

One of the most recent commercial spots of Apple highlights all the advantages offered by the iPad Pro along with iOS 11 . The ad seems to imagine a world in which computers are obsolete, and how could it be otherwise, instills a lot of hatred among many people.

At first, the commercial spot seems very common and nothing harmful, shows us a young girl who enjoys all the possibilities offered by her iPad Pro with iOS 11 for her class projects, to take pictures, communicate with her friends, read comics, etc. But why does everyone seem to hate her and the ad?

It could be because it hits your iPad Pro at the counter of a local, because it places its feet in the front seat when sitting on a bus, or simply because it takes pictures with an iPad instead of using an iPhone or a camera digital. But no. The reason is another: he does not know what a computer is.

Commercial Spot "What is a computer" of the iPad Pro

Everything goes well until, at the end of the commercial spot, and a neighbor asks the girl:

    "What are you doing on your computer?"

To which the young hipster responds:

    "What is a computer?"

Apple's commercial spot wants to imply that the Post-PC era is much closer than we imagined. Nothing is further from reality, there is a computer (PC or Mac) in the vast majority of homes around the world, and people have not liked this and has expressed its discomfort in social networks.

    Good morning to EVERYONE except the "wHaT's A cOmPuTeR ????" girl from the iPad commercial
    - Chazzy (@TheRealCPhantom) January 20, 2018

"Good morning to EVERYONE except the girl" WHAT IS AN ORDINATOR? "Of the iPad announcement."

    I've never done another human being more than the "what's a computer" iPad child
    - Tyler Conway (@jtylerconway) January 22, 2018

"I've never hated a human being as much as the iPad girl" what a computer is. "

    I want to throw a brick at the tv when the hipster apple "what's a computer" commercial come on
    - Chad Ellwood (@ChadEllwood) January 21, 2018

"I want to throw a brick at TV when the hipster ad appears" what is a computer. "

Via | iDropNews 

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