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Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Why mobile phones will not come with removable batteries (despite the batterygate)

We can say with total certainty that Apple's large errors can be counted on the fingers of one hand, but the one known as batterygate , is undoubtedly one of them. Cupertino was slowing down certain iPhone models due to battery issues, with a clear goal of getting users to renew, much sooner than expected, their mobile devices.

In relation to this issue have arisen a huge amount of debates, and one of them revolves around why mobile phones with removable batteries will not return, something that we will analyze in this article, and that is motivated because it would be something that would give freedom to the users, that we could not be victims neither of Apple, nor of any other company.

Before launching into the debate we are going to analyze a fundamental point, to understand the matter, and that is none other than the one of all the characteristics that we have gained with the disappearance of the removable batteries , that unlike what you can think are not precisely few.
These are the features we have in exchange for removable batteries

Not too many years ago most mobile devices came to the market boasting having a removable battery. This allowed us to change the battery when it was starting to be defective or for example to carry a second battery on top when the main battery ran out of charge.

Today there is no big flagship with removable battery , and only a few terminals of secondary companies and without too much relevance in the market offer the user a removable battery. Of course this has a reason to be, and that is none other than prioritizing other features, which would not be possible, with a removable battery.
Premium design

Not many years ago the most important smartphones on the market had a plastic design, which was forced by the extraction of the battery, which made the back cover could not be for example glass. We could say that the iPhone were completely out of this market trend , which quickly joined Samsung, Huawei or Sony.

Nowadays, almost all smartphones present in the market have Premium designs, having left aside the plastic and giving way to metal or glass . If the batteries were still removable, almost certainly, we would still be anchored in plastic or other similar materials.

Absolutely no mobile device with removable battery achieved the achievement of being submersible and not even resistant to water. It seems quite obvious, and is that it is very perfect to make the sealing of the back cover, once removed a few times to access the battery, it loses its characteristics, to prevent it from being waterproof.

The smartphones that we can currently find in the market are mostly water resistant and in some cases we can even submerge them several meters deep. This utility is really useful for many people who go everywhere with their terminal, although quite useless for many others.

More space for other things 

Without going into too many technical details, the placement of non-removable batteries that enable smartphones do not have a removable back cover, has made possible in the chassis of the device room for many other things. For example, there is more room for wireless charging, a better sound or even for a fingerprint sensor , which would be impossible to locate in that part if the battery was removable, since a lid to remove and replace is necessary.
Batteries of strange shapes

The removable batteries had all perfect shapes, in most cases square or rectangular. With the disappearance of these batteries, those that are "fixed" in the device, have been evolving into stranger forms , which allow them to be coupled to the device in a more positive way, and in many cases allow them to be provided with a greater battery .

In the future we will surely continue to see developments in this regard, and we could even see how two batteries appear on a smartphone , something that has been rumored for some time and that would undoubtedly be very interesting for all users that we have to search almost continuously a plug that takes us out of energy problems.

Let's face it, mobile phones with removable batteries will never come back

Although there are still many users who demand the return of removable batteries to current mobile devices, we must realize and assume that this will never happen again. The manufacturers have found, with non-removable batteries, the way to offer users interesting features and improvements, which make the return of removable batteries unfeasible and unthinkable.

Changing a battery, whatever the type, is not an impossible mission in most cases, so users should care little whether it is removable or not . If it is true that a removable battery is much more comfortable, but in exchange for having them, many other things are lost.

Like it or not, removable batteries belong to the past and seen the improvements that have been introduced in smartphones thanks to this aspect, are very well in the past and not in the present. 

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