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Saturday, 13 January 2018

With this invention the battery of your iPhone will always be like the first day

If for some reason Apple is lately on everyone's lips is not for the iPhone X and is being a sales success in China and Japan . There is a deep question of depth .

The reason is not another, and you may have guessed, is the batterygate . Come on, slow down the iPhone to preserve the battery and increase its duration. The scandal has been settled with a program, which will be valid until December 31 of this year , in which you can replace the batteries of the models of the series 6 onwards at a lower price, specifically 29 euros.

And the batteries of mobile devices, known as lithium ion (Li-Ion), have an Achilles heel. Unfailingly and with the use they are losing capacity. It is estimated that around between 300 and 500 load cycles its capacity usually falls by 20 percent . Although in the not too distant future we can see batteries that can be recharged efficiently without needing a change of it.

A researcher at the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore, Rachid Yazami , claims to have invented a system by which it is possible to restore the capacity of batteries up to 95 percent in about 10 hours. If this were possible, we would find ourselves facing a panacea, not only for manufacturers like Apple, but because batteries that are no longer valid pose a problem for the environment if they are not well managed.

This invention has been presented at a symposium and there are several companies, including Apple, interested in the development of the project. Will it be a reality in the near future? All this and more in your favorite Apple blog.

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