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Sunday, 7 January 2018

Would you buy a single AirPod?

Every day we walk. Sometimes we do it alone, other times we do it accompanied, some do it with a clear destiny, others aimlessly ... there are even people who walk in circles! On many occasions we simply go for a walk to clear our minds and forget about the rest of society ... if only for a moment.

Some use their iPhone to relax while they walk, but others prefer to listen to music with their headphones and go to their roll. But ... and if you prefer to feel alone but at the same time remain aware of your surroundings? The solution is simple: use only an AirPod .

Apple designed the AirPods to be carried in any way: using only the left AirPod, using the right AirPod or obviously using both at the same time. Of course, carrying the two wireless headphones offers the best experience . But a single AirPod will not compromise your place in the world.

In defense of the individual AirPod

When you carry only one AirPod, either in your left or right ear, you can hear the gentle breeze (sometimes incredibly cold) wintry while you follow the rhythm of the music with your steps and accompany each chord with the euphonious crackle of the leaves.

But that's not all, when you only carry an AirPod you do not have to lower the volume if that nice and friendly old lady asks you for a metro stop, or if the Telepizza employee asks you what ingredients you want. In this way, you will continue going to your roll but forming part of society.

You will love the feeling of being available both in the real world and in your own . Yes, it may sound selfish, but if you think about it, multitasking is essential and essential in these times.

There is another indisputable advantage in carrying an individual AirPod ... When you are crossing the street you will not do it quickly, running and looking like a crazy person around you in case a bus of five meters high and two tons of weight runs over you. Yes, that's right, the "AirPod" saves lives.

In addition, the individual AirPod will serve as a battery replacement. Once an AirPod runs out of battery, you can replace it with another one . Less is more. Think about it, Apple should offer a single AirPod for sale ... for half its priceless price.

Let's put the fashionable "AirPod"! Starting today, if I see you with only one AirPod on the street, you will be one of mine.

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