You can now book the HomePod in the following countries -


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Saturday, 27 January 2018

You can now book the HomePod in the following countries

This past week we heard the news, Apple was launching to market its smart speaker. The HomePod has been made to beg , but is now available for booking , yes, for now in only three countries. The lucky nations are the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada .

The loudspeaker was announced on June 5 last year at the WWDC, and at first it was planned for sale at the end of the year, coinciding with the Christmas season. But it has been happening as with AirPods , delays and delays. Finally, reservations can be made from the Apple website from today, in stores will be from Friday February 9.

In Spain and other countries of the European Union, as well as in Latin America, we have no news or forecasts yet when it will be available , but we will wait until this new product is not expected in our markets.

How is the HomePod?

The new creation of Apple is a contraption that promises to give much to talk because its 20 centimeters high contain a giant, moved by the A8 chip , and that will offer a superior experience in our auditions. A subwoofer with its own amplifier forms its top, will provide deep bass without any distortion.

It has seven tweeter speakers, oriented to give the best sound quality, full of nuances, to the user. This gadget also has six microphones that will capture in detail the orders that we provide , such as advancing or retreating in a song or asking Siri to tell us which group sounds.

The HomePod will be as simple to configure as the AirPods. Simply by placing our device close to it there will already be a synchronization that allows us to interact wirelessly and easily . The HomePod will also not be limited to a single user, as suggested and confirmed in the documentation of the same. Once set up, anyone at home will be able to listen to music with the Apple Music account installed on the device, and anyone can ask Siri questions . Of course, it will not work with Spotify or any other streaming music service other than Apple's own.

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