You can now download the fourth public beta of iOS 11.2.5 -


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Wednesday, 10 January 2018

You can now download the fourth public beta of iOS 11.2.5

Since some versions, Apple seems to have committed more than ever to each and every one of the versions it publishes for its devices is as polished as possible facing the final consumer. For this reason, Apple's public beta program was born, which allows all users to try the latest versions of iOS, WatchOS, tvOS and macOS.

Today, we present one of the samples that indicate that the company has not stopped in its effort, in fact, it is possible that they have redoubled it after all the incidents that have occurred these last months with their different operating systems. Today, Apple has released the fourth beta of iOS 11.2.5 .

News of the new beta version

This new compilation of iOS 11 includes minor improvements and some bug fixes, among which are: the increase in volume in the clicks of the keyboard and the dialer of the Phone app; and some fixes for other vulnerabilities, knowing that Specter has been corrected in an update that was previously sent to all users.
Compatible devices

As you know, because we have already repeated it too many times, iOS 11 stopped supporting the 32-bit processors that carried all the phones until the iPhone 5S was launched. Therefore, all the devices that were not compatible with this version will not be compatible with the new beta version. To specify more, these are the devices that can install it:

  •     iPhone 5S and up (Not including iPhone 5C)
  •     iPad Mini 2 and up
  •     iPad Air onwards
  •     6th generation iPod Touch 

How to install this new version

In order to install the new version of iOS 11, which is in beta development phase, you will need to register in the beta software program of Apple, which you can access from here . After you have logged in with your Apple ID , you will only have to follow the instructions that you will indicate on your corresponding device.

And you, have you installed any beta on your devices?

Via | MacRumors 

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