You can now measure the quality of your sperm with an app (really) -


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Monday, 1 January 2018

You can now measure the quality of your sperm with an app (really)

Our iPhone may be one of those three things that we would take to a desert island, and that is that our mobile is a wonderful tool per se, but with the huge amount of useful apps that are available, it is even more so. Without going any further, apart from games, browsers, productivity, etc., we can find the strangest and not necessarily useful applications. One of them is YO Home Sperm Test and yes, it measures the quality of your real sperm .

This app analyzes the quality and strength of your sperm from the comfort of your home . YO Home Sperm Test converts the camera of the mobile into a microscope lens powerful enough to analyze a sample that we insert into an accessory that comes with the YO kit.

It is clear that no matter how good the optics of the iPhone, it will never be a microscope and yet its developers claim that it has a 97% accuracy when it comes to measuring sperm in motion . And is that although other systems can measure the concentration of sperm, the bugs could be alive or dead.

YO has been developed by medical company Medical Electronic Systems based in Los Angeles. The aim of the development of this app, according to its creators, is to measure the quality of sperm avoiding that embarrassing moment of going to the doctor .

Today can only be purchased in the United States and the United Kingdom through Amazon or the manufacturer's website at a price of 59.95 dollars or 56 pounds sterling. So if right now you are trying to increase the family and it is costing, you have the option of going to the doctor or waiting for I to be available in your country.

Via | Daily Mail 

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