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Thursday, 4 January 2018

You have been carrying your iPhone wrong all your life

One of the concerns we usually face with our devices is the way we treat the battery. Especially on Apple phones and tablets, which are not removable . You may have a way to charge your device that you have inherited from old, when it was convenient to leave your battery to zero.

That's why today we are going to give you some tips on how to properly recharge your device's battery, with this we will achieve better charging cycles and extend the useful life of our iPhone or iPad .

Take advantage of the moments

By this we mean that you carry it in small sections. If you have a moment and cable and charger at hand, put it to charge even a few minutes, since the partial charges do not negatively affect the device.

Do not leave it to zero

It is not a good idea to deliberately exhaust the battery of our iPhone or iPad at minimum levels, as this does have a negative impact on its useful life .

Keep a level

Ideally, always have the battery level between 65 and 75 percent of charge, are optimal rates.

Or at least…

Well between 45 and 75 percent . We understand that keeping it between a range like the one described in the previous point is not practical or possible for most of us. Many of us do not have the possibility to reload until we get home after work.

Do not do load marathons

That is, do not insist on reaching 100 per cent capacity, much less if your level is critical or close to zero . According to Battery University, lithium-ion batteries "do not need to be fully charged" because they wear it out in the long term.

The last advice

It is not necessary to put it all night to charge, we will reach that one hundred percent in full sleep and it is not recommended at all .

Via | businessinsider 

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