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Sunday, 25 February 2018

10 epic lawsuits that cost Apple a fortune

The war of the patents is something that to any reader of blogs on news focused on the technology has to sound to him, at least. For those who are not aware of the legal notices surrounding Apple, they may be interested to know that this company has had to pay a true mountain of millions in recent years. How is such a thing possible? Keep reading and you will understand.

Like all technology companies, Apple patents its products and ideas to prevent other companies from using such technology , regardless of whether it is going to arrive in the form of a product on the market or not.

What happens when a company violates the patent law and violates the law? Well, in Spain (and many other countries) this is a punishable act that can result in millions in fines after litigation. And it can come out very profitable.

Apple knows quite a lot about this issue, and has suffered both patent infringements and those that the company itself has infringed. Today we will review some of his most epic cases that have not only made him spend huge amounts of money in the courts , but also had to pay some figures that would shake any IBEX 35 company.

10) Apple employees ... Against Apple!

This case was filed in 2011, and the plaintiff was no less than four workers from an Apple Store in San Diego. In this case, employees argued that Apple dispensed unfair treatment from management. In addition, according to court documents, according to company policy 'it was forbidden to talk about working conditions', among other things.

As it seemed that Apple did not pay much attention to the demands of these plaintiffs, they began to look for support and got no less than 21,000 more people , so they organized themselves as a Class Action (something similar to the mass lawsuits in Spain) to do in front of the company that had been - and still was in some cases - that of their bosses.

The jury ruled that Apple had not only denied the breaks and meal times to some of its workers illegally , but had not paid the settlements correctly or on time.

It was an adventure, but it had its costs: after deducting the costs of the procedure, each worker received a check worth 77 euros . At least they can say that they won the battle to Apple ...
9) Multimedia Ideas against Apple

The year 2010 Apple began to battle in the courts against Multimedia Ideas, a holding owned nothing less than Sony and Nokia . Although Multimedia Ideas is one of those companies that do not launch products, it does have many technical patents registered . For having breached Apple one in relation to the ability to silence calls from the iPhone began the legal dispute. Result? The Delaware judge presided over the court and ordered Apple to pay $ 3 million, far less than the $ 18 million initially demanded by the holding company.
8) Dynamic Advances against Apple

In 2014 Apple had to face another demand, this time Dynamic Advances. In this case, the one involved was Siri . The plaintiff alleged that the Cupertino voice assistant was violating a patent of this company.

Finally the case was resolved in favor of Dynamic Advances, when Apple accepted the court ruling: it had to pay a fine of 24 million dollars , including 5 of these in advance and another 19.9 million that are still being paid in exchange for the exclusive rights over said patent.

7) VIrnetX against Apple

VirnetX is a company that has been litigating hard against Apple for more than five years. According to them, the Cupertino violated a series of patents related to the VoIP protocol used by Apple in FaceTime, iMessage ... among others.

In this case, Apple does not give up, and even though VirnetX asks Apple for almost 500 million dollars , it does not stop appealing the sentences and has been seeking for years not to be declared guilty.
6) Amazon against Apple

In 2013, Amazon filed an antitrust lawsuit against Apple and some publishers of e-Books. The reason? It is assumed that they deliberately inflated the price of electronic books so that Amazon would lose steam as a store, and therefore its control would weaken.

Although the editors reached an out-of-court settlement with the US Department of Justice, Apple continued to fight in court , appealing repeatedly. This had its end in 2014, when a judge confirmed the decision of the Department of Justice, imposing a fine of 450 million dollars.

5) University of Wisconsin against Apple

In 2015, it was determined that Apple again violated a patent. This time it was a microprocessor patented by the Alumni Research Foundation of the University of Wisconsin, and apparently specifically had to do with a microchip design that Apple allegedly used in some of its processors: specifically the A6, A7 and A8.

Although the judge initially determined that Apple could face $ 862 million in 'punitive damages' (something very common in the Anglo-Saxon justice), finally only had to pay 234 million dollars , plus another 272 million in damages and damages. 506 million dollars in total out of the coffers of the apple bitten.
4) Smartflash against Apple

Smartflash filed a lawsuit in May 2013, arguing that Apple had breached three patented ideas through iTunes . Fundamentally, these were the management of digital rights, the storage of data and the payment system.

Naturally Apple denied all these accusations, but finally in 2015 a judge ruled in favor of Smart Flash ordering Apple to pay the large sum of 532 million dollars , which although it would have more zeros than would fit in the head of many mortals, moves away from the 852 million that Smart Flash asked for in damages.
3) Apple against Qualcomm ... And Qualcomm against Apple

The history of Qualcomm has crumbs behind, and is that these two big companies have been protagonists of one of the most striking patent battles in history .

Perhaps you have seen the article the legal battle that Apple and Qualcomm have been developing for some time now.

According to Apple, this company used to act with monopolistic practices, so thanks to the market control that it had forced Apple to buy its chips. That's why the apple company sued them, asking for nothing less than a billion dollars!

In turn, not long ago we could also see how Qualcomm sued Apple for sharing information with Intel, and even tried that Cupertino stopped producing and selling their terminals in China . Not content with that, to finish animating the party they also sued them for patent infringement, asking to stop the commercialization of the iPhone in the United States . Where will the odyssey end? Only time will tell us.
2) Nokia against Apple

At the end of 2016, Apple again received a patent infringement lawsuit, this time from Nokia .

According to the Finns, Apple had violated at least two of its patented technologies in some features of the iPhone and iPad. In response to this, we saw Apple remove the Withings product line from the Finnish company from the Apple Store .

Finally and after only six months of dispute, the two companies reached an agreement that Apple would pay no less than 2,000 million dollars for having infringed those patents. It seems that everything went well, because finally the two companies signed an agreement to carry out joint projects.

1) Apple against Samsung

Clearly, anyone who was reading this list was waiting for this moment, and of course, we could not put it in a place that was not the top of our list.

The war between Samsung and Apple has run rivers of ink for more than five years , and no wonder. This dispute would begin when, in 2011, Apple filed a lawsuit against the Galaxy manufacturer. This lawsuit would begin a very long series of lawsuits, patent infringements, counter-claims and declarations at all levels, to the point that the US Supreme Court has had to intervene .

While at first the courts ordered that Samsung pay up to 1,000 million to Apple for violating different patents (among which is the typical gesture of "pinching to bring" from Apple) the fact is that the amount has been falling substantially until the 120 million.

While it is true that Apple technically did not lose, what we can get clear is the very high price that has litigate over patents, and is that it is estimated that the battle of patents has cost Apple more than 40,000 million dollars until the date! Who knows the zeros that will be added to that number, and is that the definition of 'technology company' goes hand in hand with this type of case. 

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