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Saturday, 10 February 2018

10 things you did not know about HomePod

Apple introduced its new HomePod during WWDC 2017, in view of its launch in 2018 . It is available in the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia, but not yet internationally.

At this point we know some things about the smart speaker for the home of Apple , but there are still many new things that maybe you did not know.

The first reviews of HomePod confirm that it will be one of the most advanced intelligent loudspeakers on the market. It will have compatibility with Siri, it will offer integration with Apple Music, it will have an A8 processor ... But there is much more!

Discover everything that Apple's HomePod will be able to do

1. Podcasts at the speed of light! 

Apple has implemented a feature that will allow HomePod users to listen to their favorite Podcasts at speeds of 1.5 and 2x . Undoubtedly, a feature that many will use to accelerate their dose of information via audio. Interestingly, this feature is not yet available in the fabulous Amazon speakers with Alexa.

2. Setting up a device has never been so easy 

Setting up and / or pairing Apple's smart speaker is extremely easy. The only thing you should do is bring your iPhone to HomePod ... and that's it . Iran will be displaying a series of cards and menus to set up iCloud options and your Wi-Fi network connections.

3. Timers? Little by little… 

Unfortunately, Siri is still not able to add multiple timers at the same time . Something that Echo or Google Home devices are capable of doing. Hopefully Apple will implement this feature soon through a software update.

4. You can not order food at home! 

If you were thinking about buying a new HomePod to order a delicious Hawaiian pizza (hey, the pineapple is not so bad ...), ask for a taxi or buy the latest fashion outfits in Zara you can forget ... It seems that Siri does not have many third party services integrated in the HomePod . Although Alexa does!

5. It will only recognize its owner 

Another of the most useful functions that HomePod is not yet able to do is to recognize different voices. But, at least, Siri will be able to differentiate perfectly your voice from that of your relatives and / or friends.

6. Siri, the intelligent assistant

What happens if you have many Apple mobile devices that detect the "Hey Siri" voice command? It seems that, fortunately, only one of them will be activated. If you raise your wrist and say "Hey Siri", your Apple Watch will respond. If you are using your smartphone, the iPhone will respond. But if you're sitting without touching any device, the HomePod will take over the role of Oye Siri . Very smart!

7. Your preferences will be your priority 

The HomePod is specially designed to work with Apple Music, a service that constantly learns about your musical tastes with suggestions and recommendations . But if another user uses your HomePod, the device is designed to only store your preferences.

8. It messes that it's nice! 

The HomePod is already in the home of many users, and some of them have commented that its base leaves grooves in certain surfaces . These brands usually disappear after a few days, but it is still a very curious fact. Beware of the mahogany of that expensive piece of furniture in your living room!

9. Coasters and HomePod do not mix well 

To prevent the marks and ruts that HomePod may leave, you should not use a simple coaster ... because, apparently, it has a negative effect on the audio quality of the smart speaker.

10. Hey Siri, to sleep! 

Both Amazon Echo and Google Home models have physical buttons that you can press to mute your microphones. This is a very useful feature to ensure that devices do not "listen" to you when you do not want them to. On the HomePod, unfortunately, you can only mute the microphones using a voice command . To sleep, Siri!

These are some of the functions that the HomePod can and can not do together with its integrated voice assistant. Which of them has surprised you the most?

Via | Mashable 

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