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Friday, 2 February 2018

3 applications on iPhone to improve your culinary skills

The recipes of the grandmother or the mother is being replaced by applications consulted on both iPhone and iPad and is that technology has come to invade many facets of life and of course, one of the most important of the home as it is the gastronomy and the good work in the kitchen . There are more and more applications in the Apple world, so we bring you these 3 quality applications that will facilitate your task when you put your hands in the dough, so enjoy the ingredients , good music and cooking!

CookPad, recipes around the world

This app is available in many languages ​​such as, for example, Hindi, English, French and Spanish among many others. Through this app you can find delicious dishes from any cuisine around the world, from potato omelette to Japanese sushi; you will also have the opportunity to publish your tastiest recipes to share with others, save your favorite recipes to surprise your guests again and you can also chat with friends or acquaintances on your platform, so you can always improve the recipes with your tips.

This application is available for the latest version of iOS and even from other Android phones such as LG phones, all for sale on T-Mobile . With this app you can share your culinary experiences with other friends, even if they do not have an Apple branded phone.

Vegamecum: for the healthiest

Are you one of those who follow a healthy diet based on vegetables, fruits, vegetables and without animal fats? If your answer is yes, here is an application for your iPhone that suits your gastronomic needs. Vegamecum is a recipe book for vegetarian and vegan meals in which you can find everything from starters , dishes to desserts without dairy or eggs.

With this app you can plan your recipes, create alarms, adapt the recipes to the number of guests or portions, know all the nutritional details of each dish and if you are short of ideas do not miss the weekly recipe they publish.

Hatcook: a gastronomic community

Imagine having a small social network where people exchange tips and recommendations to improve their recipes and their culinary skills. Hatcook is a cookbook and community at the same time, so you can find recipes ordered by thematic collections such as Italian food, vegetarian or dinner. In addition, this is one of the applications that has a classification of dishes by ingredients, so if you are thinking of cooking fish, you just have to click on that section and you will find all the related dishes among more than 9,000 published recipes . As if that were not enough, you can also check the app without being connected to the Internet.

You know, there are no excuses to prepare tasty meals and with the ingredients you have available, it's just a matter of installing the app that suits your tastes and follow the steps of the recipes to the letter.

Images : Pixabay

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