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Tuesday, 13 February 2018

3 silly things about the iPhone X after 3 months of use

Since the iPhone X saw the light in the market a few months ago, many have dared to criticize Apple's revolutionary mobile device. Some of them have used compelling reasons, others have invented conspiracy theories to defend their criticisms, and there are like us who more than criticize, we make constructive comments, which everyone can observe and detect with great ease.

After 3 months of using my iPhone X, I can make some constructive comments, and I have decided to translate them into this article. Of course, do not expect any criticism never seen before and is that like many others I will talk about 3 silly iPhone X after 3 months of use .

The percentage of battery 

One of the things I've always liked to have controlled, on any mobile device I've had, is the remaining percentage of battery . With the iPhone X this is not possible and is that as is more than known, it does not show the remaining percentage of battery, something that could be seen in previous iPhone.

In the new Cupertino smartphone we can see the battery icon, but it is not possible to activate the percentage display of the battery , for space issues. This makes it very difficult to control the remaining battery with a tiny icon.

Apple has already stated that it will try to solve this problem , but at the moment it has not done so. I do not know if it will be very complicated or not, but I am convinced that everyone would like to see the percentage of remaining battery in the place of the current icon.

The screenshots 

One of the things that should correct Apple today on the iPhone X is to take screenshots . In this article we already explained that to make a screenshot of our screen we just have to press simultaneously the buttons to turn on and increase the volume.

In the 3 months that I have been enjoying my iPhone X I have a huge collection of screenshots, and not because I made them , but because it is too easy to press these two buttons by accident.

Hopefully Tim Cook and many others will do the same, and realize that a screenshot should not be done by pressing two buttons so "attractive" and that are often easily clicked simultaneously by mistake. Would not it be easier and more practical for everyone that screenshots were achieved by pressing the three physical buttons of the iPhone X? .

Return to home in landscape mode 

I do not usually use horizontal mode for practically anything, but if I want to watch videos on YouTube, something that makes it almost impossible to return to the home screen . Until now it was quite simple with the iPhone 7 Plus, which was my previous device, but without a doubt Apple has decided to complicate my life to a great extent.

When turning the screen of the iPhone X, also rotate the gestures, stopping working in addition to return to rotate to the original position. At the moment Cupertino has not come up with a solution for this, but I hope that they release it as soon as possible or continue watching videos in horizontal mode will be a torture for me and for all, especially when it comes to quickly returning to the home screen.

Have you encountered some silly problems when using the new iPhone X? 

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