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Friday, 9 February 2018

4 things you can do if only one AirPod works for you

Although we are looking forward to Apple this year launching a second installment of their AirPods with some new features that we have seen in the form of patents , the original AirPods are still one of the best alternatives in the market in terms of wireless headphones, making a big purchase this 2018 .

On the contrary, if you have already thrown yourself into the pool and are enjoying AirPods already, your biggest fear is probably losing one of them . And although AirPods fit perfectly, Apple's solution is not cheap .

But it is not the only fear of users. How many times has it happened to you with other headphones that suddenly one of them stops being heard? Generally this is usually caused by a damaged connector cable - the corresponding headset - something that theoretically should not happen with wireless headphones ... and yet it happens: sometimes only an AirPod works .

We have read it in several Apple Support forums, which indicates that it is not an isolated incident, but rather a more or less common failure. What can we do in these cases?

What to do if only one AirPod works for you
Reset and pair again

A classic of technical service that remains equally effective.

1) Go to Settings > Bluetooth > AirPods .

2) On that screen press on the i * and then Forget this device

3) It is time to make a hard reset to your AirPods by simply holding down the pairing button that you will find in the box. You have to keep it pressed for at least 15 seconds and you will see that the light turns to amber and then to white.

4) Now, yes, we pair again from Settings > Bluetooth . You will see them under the "Other devices" list.
A somewhat more "hard" reset

If the above does not work for you, it's time to get serious and try something new: press the match button in the box for at least 40 seconds . When you do, you will see that the light in the box flashes changing color from amber to white for 5 cycles.

Once this is done, it is time to re-pair our devices from Settings > Bluetooth .

Reset networks

If you have not managed to get both AirPods working either, it's time to reset the networks, another method that could work. From Settings > General > Reset > Reset network settings , and pair the AirPods again by going to Settings > Bluetooth .

If all else fails ...

Only one AirPod works and you have tried everything explained above, which basically involves resetting and repacking in several different ways, it 's time to take your AirPods to repair .

Remember that you can manage it by approaching an Apple Store, the technical service authorized by Apple or from the support section of your website .

Via | iDropnews 

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