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Thursday, 1 February 2018

5 things that Apple has to improve in iOS 12

Yesterday was official: we can forget about great news for iOS 12 . No. And is that the new mobile software for iPhone and iPad will focus on the performance and optimization of the battery .

The truth is that we are used to new and fascinating functions with each new iOS release, but with iOS 11 we have been disappointed . It's not that we do not like its functions, it's that the bugs and performance lows in old terminals have left a bittersweet taste among its users. Also, the batterygate has also taken its toll.

We send the evidence: Every time they launch less to update their devices , so it is not surprising that iOS 11 is the delivery with lower installation percentages .

So if Apple is taking good note of what it has in the "must" for its next iOS 12, here we throw some ideas .

Siri voice recognition

    Almost @puptheband pic.twitter.com/mLdv0GqLuo
    - Ags (@MattAgron) June 13, 2016

Siri may have been the first virtual assistant, but today his rivals are above . And is that since its debut with the iPhone 4s, it still has serious problems recognizing the voices of its users and transcribing their messages .

It is true that in iOS 11 Siri has a more natural voice and that contextualizes better, but if you do not know what we are saying, it ends up being desperate. By the way, this is still more important with the HomePod just around the corner.


You were waiting for it and we have not made ourselves to pray . Maybe Phil Schiller is right and that the iOS 11 and the bugs are just "a bad time", but either way, has given many headaches to users.

It is true that Apple takes updates frequently, so it quickly corrects the most serious, but small things remain . In fact there is a whole twitter thread dedicated to them, as you can see:

    Nice overlap. pic.twitter.com/gvZVHkqAaE
    - Jaden Geller 🧚♂️ (@JadenGeller) November 4, 2017

Apple has to polish these things because it has more than a decade of success thanks to products as stable and round as the iPhone and its jewel in The Crown, the iOS operating system. You can not throw 10 years overboard .

It is true that in spite of the released betas there is always a fault, but many of them remain in time. If there is something that Apple should improve from this list, those are the bugs .

Notification center

How long has the notification center been unmodified? Do not do accounts: from iOS 5. Yes, as for the aspect itself that has undergone renovations, but the essence is the same: a total disorder .

What happens when you are two hours without looking at the iPhone? That there are 200 WhatsApp messages copying everything and the important ones are queued. In this, Apple would do well to take note of Android .

    iPhone notifications 😂 pic.twitter.com/btS5SRUY4V
    - Vlad Savov (@vladsavov) November 8, 2017


And in Android you can categorize the notifications of each app regardless of how many you receive and if you get 200 messages on WhatsApp, you will only see a warning with those 200 messages, not the 200 occupying a line each. I could even put programmed notices, like Google does.

Portrait mode

We love the portrait mode! But let's face it: it could be better. With two lenses that have the models that implement it, could improve more in terms of the background blur and edges.

Google has triumphed with its Google Pixel 2 with just one lens thanks to Artificial Intelligence and Apple should also consider it .

Status bar of the iPhone X

    Apple should hire some Android designers to fix iOS notifications. They are a mess. Ideas to fix them:
  •     * Group notifications
  •     * Unread dots instead of numbers
  •     * Easier way to clear all pic.twitter.com/3hYuajvbYJ
  •     - Alex Muench (@alexmuench) November 20, 2017 

We know that with the notch it is not possible to have a full bar as the iPhone has always had , but perhaps not everyone needs to see the strength of the Wi-Fi signal or the network, and perhaps if the bluetooth symbol or the battery percentage.

What does this mean? Basically, if the iPhone X and all the iPhone that later take the same design, they should be able to have a customizable status bar, exactly as they have done with the control center in iOS 11 . In this way, we could choose what we want to see.

Via | Cult of Mac 

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