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Wednesday, 21 February 2018

6 iPhone cheaper than the Samsung Galaxy S9

Since November last year went on sale iPhone X , many are those who expect the counter-attack of the direct rival of Apple , the South Korean company Samsung. And is that we are a few days before the official presentation of the new standard of the preferred brand in Spain, a terminal that promises a lot even though its price will live up to its value.

By the characteristics that it will have, we are before a terminal that is going to surpass the 1000 euros of price, thing that is not unpublished in the mark since in launching of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 also it surpassed it.

Although who thinks that Apple makes expensive phones, which makes them as their iPhone X higher capacity in Spain rises to 1,329 euros, Samsung is not going to lag behind and seems to have caught the taste of the magic figure of 1000 euros . So, waiting for official confirmation of the price of Samsung Galaxy S9, we leave you with six iPhone cheaper than this and therefore have an irresistible price.

iPhone X

Undoubtedly a terminal that has given much to talk about, either by its Face ID biometric identification system or by the absence of start button. It is a terminal that does not need much presentation, its A11 chip makes it to be in the forefront, and sweeps all current terminals in the benchmarks. The offer for the 64 GB model is € 930, a bargain.

iPhone 8 Plus

For those who like large screens and features very similar to the iPhone X, except for the Face ID and the absence of start button, has this model , natural successor of the iPhone 7 Plus . Its dual camera system makes photography take to another dimension. Speed, elegance, and the added wireless charge that Apple introduced last year in its models make it, along with a very competitive price, a very option to consider.

iPhone 8

The iPhone 8 is the ideal phone for those who like to have in their pocket all the power, speed and characteristics of their brother of greater size. An easy-to-use terminal with one hand, with the famous A11 chip and at a totally demolition price. A very desired phone that has managed to hit the table of devices of that size.

iPhone 7 Plus

Presented in September 2016, we have the first Apple phone with a dual camera system, which makes it possible to photograph in portrait mode . Its chip is the A10, which enjoys full force and that makes the most. An elegant design with finishes that take away the hiccups. It has never been so cheap to get a state- of-the-art telephone .

iPhone 7

With the iPhone 7 it is the same as with the iPhone 8, the phone that all those people who do not like the Plus size should take into account. All the characteristics of his older brother, with the exception of the double camera, are present in him, which makes him a versatile and all-terrain terminal .

iPhone SE

We ended with the iPhone SE , which presented in March 2016 provided a response from the company to all those people who longed for a smaller screen size , but without losing any power feature. We are facing a powerful terminal, but manageable, simple and effective. Now you have it at an irresistible price and capacity of 32 GB.

So if you were delaying the purchase of an iPhone if they went down in price, check our 6 offers that we just left because it has a very tempting price and you know that Apple is always a safe value when reselling your device , moment in which you recover much of the money invested.

And if you do not want to miss any of Apple's technological news , do not forget to visit us every day, as we introduce new contents that are sure to be of your interest, we continue working to bring you the best of the best. 

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