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Wednesday, 21 February 2018

6 reasons not to buy the newest iPhone on the market

Apple removes a different iPhone model every year. It started in June 2007 with the original iPhone and ten years later it released the iPhone X , iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus . There is no doubt that each of them has been making improvements .

The company of the bitten apple sold in 2017 a whopping 216 million phones and consumers are often very attracted by the news they offer, because Apple likes and generates excitement. In addition to this, he knows how to sell his products very well .

But you know, not always the newest can be the best, many are the people who prefer to buy the device from previous batches before launching to the news of the new products to stores. That's why we've compiled 6 reasons why not buy the latest from the latest .

Innovation may not be as much

Think of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 7, a year of difference between both terminals and the changes for a standard user are invaluable . Does it make up for changing for so little? The answer will surely be no.
Price rise

The new costs, think of the iPhone X 256 gigas and its 1329 euros price , salary and minimum interprofessional means in Spain. We are crazy? Perhaps Apple's strategy for 2018 changes with its 6.1-inch model.
What comes

Apple, and all brands, have been working on their next devices for a long time. In fact, Cupertino work on three devices for this 2018 , with unpublished sizes.

Your iPhone can have more life

Do you remember the batterygate? For 29 euros, and if you subscribe to the program, you can have your iPhone with a new and safe battery that can continue to provide you with functionality and good times.
iOS and its bugs

Your phone may be fine with your operating system, either iOS 10.3 or even earlier if your device is older. Why upgrade to another whose reliability is not fully proven?
The competition

This never rests and may perhaps provide you with joys at a lower price than Apple. Think of the Samsung Galaxy S8 , which offers things like the iPhone X can give you , but at a lower price. Why not?

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