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Thursday, 22 February 2018

6 things you need the Samsung Galaxy S9 to beat the iPhone X

This Sunday the MWC 2018 will have two star signatures to open the week in which Barcelona will be synonymous with smartphone: Nokia and Samsung. Although the Finns seem to have come back through the big door, it is the Koreans who are called to surprise the public with the first Samsung phone of the new post-iPhone X era: the Samsung Galaxy S9 .

Notch, Face ID, Animojis, vertical dual camera with portrait mode and light portrait, bionic processor that sweeps its predecessor the Samsung Galaxy S8 ... the iPhone X has been noticed and its influence has already been seen in Android manufacturers: in some cases with flagrant clones and in others like Xiaomi or Huawei, with an undeniable inspiration.

Samsung has a long history of lawsuits for plagiarism with Apple , but we must admit that in recent times it is doing well and the S8 left a good taste for achieving a balanced terminal and with an exquisite design .

But it is not perfect. And considering that the iPhone X is the rival to beat , this is what Samsung needs to improve if it really wants to stand up to Apple.

Surprise with the design factor

Although it is something personal, I must confess that the S8 was for me the most beautiful mobile phone of 2018 . The Koreans knew how to recover from the brutal defeat of the Note7 and its problems with the batteries offering an elegant, daring design and what is more important for them, for sure.

Thus they achieved a well-proportioned device, with the fashionable 18: 9 dimensions and a spectacular OLED screen without edges. But they did not like everyone: in the must, the location of the fingerprint sensor , just to the right of the lens. This time Samsung will place the reader back in the back, but under the camera to avoid rubbing it with our fingerprints.
Return to be the king of OLED screens

Make no mistake, Samsung is still the king of OLED screens , because in fact it is the manufacturer of the best OLED on the market, the iPhone X. But it is ironic that Koreans make their best display for their eternal rival .

And it is that the screen of the iPhone X is brighter, offers more depth of colors and greater angle of vision. It is clear that not everything is a matter of the screen itself, but that other components also influence, but Samsung must work on it .

Another need within the section of the screen would be to improve its frequency of refreshment , bringing it closer to that of Razer or the one that Apple uses with the iPad Pro. Both devices reach 120 Hz, which results in clearer graphics without lag. A more dynamic screen refresh would not only make the content look better, it would also save battery power.

Can the Snapdragon 845 with the A11?

If the rumors are true , the Galaxy S9 will not be faster than the iPhone X , despite having left almost half a year later and have the brand new processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 845. But not everything is speed, because at last and out in the high ranges all terminals go fluid and no one will notice the fractions of a second difference in daily life.

There are other reasons for the Snapdragon 845 to leave us open-mouthed : better performance for games thanks to having improved its graphics by 30%, greater efficiency of its battery, better processor to take better photos, LTE connectivity even faster.

On all of them there is a characteristic that prevails: that the battery lasts longer . Precisely, the weak point of the iPhone is to have a low battery in terms of amperage, but very well optimized. If Samsung is able to achieve a similar efficiency, it will make a difference.

A revolution in its optics

Improvements to get pictures in low light situations are necessary to fight face to face with the rest of the flagships. And is that Samsung just updated the optics of the Galaxy S7 for the Galaxy S8 , which enabled other brands such as Huawei, Apple and Google, current leader of the ranking developed by DxoMark with his Pixel 2 ahead by the left without problems.

Here does not send the iPhone X, but the rival to beat comes from Mountain View . The S9 will have a faster dual camera that will offer variable apertures and better results in low light thanks to its f / 1.5 and f / 2.4 lenses.
Bixby puts the batteries with Artificial Intelligence

There is so much to do with the virtual assistants! In theory, Bixby in the Galaxy 9 would use machine learning and artificial intelligence so that the virtual assistant of Samsung contextualizes better and anticipates our desires. And it will be a good thing to do, after seeing everything that Samsung presented at CES 2018 with an ecosystem full of devices commanded by Bixby.

In fact, some rumors suggest that Samsung would have developed a dedicated Artificial Intelligence chip that could compete with the A 11 chip's abilities.

Augmented Reality: Go for free or adopt ARCore?

Samsung has been working in the field of virtual reality for years, there is more to see your Gear VR glasses, but perhaps the reality that raises more passion is not the virtual, but the augmented .

And you do not need helmets or glasses for augmented reality, only with your mobile phone can you enjoy an exciting immersion experience . Pokèmon GO marked the path that Apple or Google have subsequently been able to interpret with the ARKit and ARCore platforms, respectively. In any case, it has been shown that the RA is the present and medium term of smartphones and entertainment.

The question is: What will Samsung do? Will you also develop your own AR platform? Or will it take advantage of the Google platform? At the end of the day, that Samsung and Google have followed separate paths with virtual reality does not mean that the same thing will happen with augmented reality.

Via | Tom's Guide 

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