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Monday, 19 February 2018

8 ways to make your iPhone more like your Windows PC

Not all the owners of an iPhone use a Mac . Many of us continue with our old and reliable Windows , which despite having many errors, feels like a home for those who are already used to the system.

If you want to improve the experience and integration between your iPhone and the Microsoft desktop operating system, you're in the right place. In this article we leave 8 ways for your iPhone to coexist in a great way with Windows!

Save your photos automatically in OneDrive

As with the iCloud Photo Library, OneDrive allows us to make a backup automatically every time we take a picture with our mobile device. Thanks to this, we can see our reel in any Windows computer in which we have our Microsoft account associated. And if you're using another device, you can always download the OneDrive application and view them from there.

Also, OneDrive is not just for saving photos and videos . In this cloud service you can also upload files, notes, and anything else you want. It is the iCloud version of Microsoft.
Manage your emails with Outlook

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One of the positive things about iOS is that you can use almost any email account to synchronize it with your iPhone. It does not matter if it's Gmail or Outlook, you can synchronize your contacts, your calendar and your mail with them.

Another benefit of Outlook is to filter your inbox so you can see first only the most important thing , leaving aside all those "junk" emails that we almost never pay attention to.
Organize your lists and tasks with OneNote

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In OneNote you can write all the notes and lists you want. This is ideal both for making the purchase and for making important annotations during a meeting.

The best thing about this application is that everything you write will be synchronized with all the devices in which you use OneDrive with your account, including your Windows computer.
Office on your iPhone

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The most famous Windows applications are also available on iOS. Office, PowerPoint and Excel are apps that you can find in the Apple store, and the best thing is that they are free .

If you do not mind writing on a small screen , this is for you. And if it bothers you, well, you can always use them just to visualize documents, which is something that nobody saves.
Continue on your PC

There are times when we start looking for information on our mobile and we end up doing it from our computer. Either because it is easier or because the web page requires a more compatible browser, thanks to Continue on PC you can do it .

Start your searches in Safari and finish them in Microsoft Edge , the new Windows browser that has arrived to replace Internet Explorer.
Cortana, meet Siri

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Cortana has come to iOS to complete the Windows experience. Unfortunately, we can not replace Siri with Microsoft's virtual assistant, but we can use it in many different ways .

One of the most useful things is that, when notifications and reminders reach your Windows computer, they will also do so on your iPhone thanks to the integration of Cortana. Unfortunately, Microsoft's assistant is only available in Anglo-Saxon countries, but if your account is from the United Kingdom or the United States, you can download it without problem.

Use your iPhone as a remote control for your TV

Another application that is also very useful for our iPhone is Xbox. With this application we can buy, watch the recorded videos of our games or use it as a remote control of our TV. With it you can search, change, pause or resume the videos you are watching from your Xbox, and it is much easier to use than the console control.

Download this application and use your Xbox in a much more comfortable way.
Send messages to any platform with GroupMe

Among all the instant messaging applications we can also find Microsoft's GroupMe . With it we can communicate with our friends from your iPhone or your computer, in the purest Telegram style.

Unfortunately not everyone uses this app , but it is a very useful alternative if you know someone who is involved in the Windows ecosystem.

As you can see, it is not absolutely necessary to use macOS to have a good user experience with your iPhone. With the indicated applications, your terminal can do absolute wonders , and one of them is perfectly integrated into Windows .

Would you change Windows by macOS or not? Leave us your answer in the comments!

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