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Sunday, 18 February 2018

9 vintage Apple products perfect for collecting

There are people who spend hundreds of thousands of euros on jewelry, watches or other works of art that are only available to a few. While it is true that the collection of oddities has always been normal in certain strata of society, more and more people are collecting vintage technology products , aware of their value - and their potential for resale.

Who would not want to have an authentic Lisa in their house? Or a brand new iPhone 2G exposed in its showcase? Having a modern device with a design inspired by the past is cool, but it is not the same as having the original. If you are also one of those who keep old computers and mobiles in a drawer pay attention, maybe you have a jewel and you do not know it .

Naturally we can find technological oddities of all brands, but since this is an Apple blog, we are going to make a list of some jewels that some readers may have had at home, and be surprised to see what they cost today in the market of collectors .

iPhone 2G (2007)

Do you remember the first iPhone that came on the market, back in 2007? At that time the device that would revolutionize the industry cost $ 499, a real bargain if we consider that today has come to pay 6000 USD for one of these terminals in sealed box, although it is true that in second pages hand we can find it for much more moderate prices. Of course, naturally with a typical wear of a phone that came out almost 11 years ago.
Apple Newton MessagePad (1993)

If the first generation iPhone seems too new to be considered an object worthy of a collector, how about this PDA? Yes, Apple also made its first steps in this type of device. To be concrete, he took models between the years 1993 to 1998.

It used Newton OS, and was one of the first devices with handwriting recognition capability . This authentic vintage beauty can be found today by second-hand markets in an acceptable state that ranges from 300 to 600 euros.
iPod (2001)

The first generation of what would become one of the flagship products of Apple also, of course, has been subject to revaluation. While it is true that we can find units on eBay for just over 150 euros in relatively good conditions, we have to stretch the budget to a not inconsiderable 18,000 euros if we want it sealed. It seems you have not found buyers ... yet.

Apple II (1978)

The second computer works of the Cupertino can be found relatively easily both inside and outside our borders, but it usually costs practically what a new Mac computer today .

How much would you be willing to pay for one of these devices? Well, if you are interested in selling one, you may want to know that some years ago a user paid more than 5000 euros on eBay for one in perfect condition. No, before you go to look at it, an Amstrad does not pay a tenth. Hopefully…

I understand that the list is looking easy to reach, but these are just some of the products that I wanted to show you before moving on to the real rarities for which fortunes have been paid. Ladies and gentlemen, from here we can only dream about the products that we will see below :
Painting of the Apple Logo by Andy Warhol (1985)

Imagine that you have an overwhelming amount of money, and that you are also fans of Andy Warhol. Now imagine that you are also followers of Apple, and that you learn that one of the works of your fetish artist is the one you see right above, directly commissioned by Apple for an advertising campaign .

Would you buy it? Do not? Neither do I, but surely some art collector did think that it would be a good idea to pay a whopping 600,000 euros for this piece of Apple's history to be in his private collection.
Toolbox by Steve Wozniak (1975?)

We continue with part of the history of Apple, and here it does make sense. Although its artistic value is null, not everyone can say that it has in its possession the toolbox with which Steve Wozniak carried the tools to give life to the first computer of the company in Cupertino , the Apple I.

As we can see in the photo, we can not say that it is 'seminueva' but it does: it wears a yellow ribbon that certifies authenticity: it carries the very name of Woz . The price? Well, it sold for just over 6,000 euros. In case anyone doubted it, it was completely empty.
Apple I (1976)

Who would want to settle for a simple Woz toolbox and be able to directly have one of Woz's creations ? This piece of Apple's history usually costs tens of thousands of euros per se, but one of these primitive computers was auctioned for more than 800,000 euros in 2014.

In part, its value lies in its being a huge rarity : there are less than 15 of these devices working today. Taking into account that in 1976 one of these prototypes sold for 666.66 USD is a good investment, do not you think?

Mac Pro Product (RED) (2013)

To see the most expensive product on the list, we do not have to go to Steve Jobs' personal staff, it's not even something that has marked a before and after at Apple. What does this Mac Pro have beyond an anodized red color? Well, I suppose that being in the context of the charity auction of Jony Ive and Marc Newson helps the -administered- assistants loosen the wallet. In this case, for the top end of Apple computer was paid nothing less than 900,000 euros.
EarPods plated in rose gold (2013)

It seems that the Red iMac Pro was not the only protagonist of the organized evening to raise funds for (RED) . Jony Ive designed EarPods whose secret to look completely different from the rest of Apple headphones is that they are plated in 18 carat pink gold . For them, a lucky buyer paid nothing less than almost 400,000 euros.

And so far this little review of some vintage and exclusive Apple products that we can collect ... If we have the portfolio bulky enough for it .

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