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Tuesday, 6 February 2018

90 useful features of iOS 11 that maybe you did not know

The latest version of Apple's mobile operating system, iOS 11 , has had a lot of bugs, bugs and problems. However, it still has some really useful features.

From the recording of the screen to the customization of options in the Control Center, through the quick editing of screenshots and much more. Discover everything that iOS 11 can do for you.

90 useful features of iOS 11

1. A dark mode in Settings> Accessibility> Display settings> Intelligent color reversal .

2. Share Wi-Fi passwords with nearby devices.

3. Quick editing of screenshots.

4. A new Control Center that occupies the entire screen.

5. Customization of the Control Center .

6. Additional intensity in the camera's flash .

7. Screen recording in the Control Center.

8. Airplane Mode automatically remembers your previous connectivity.

9. A new output icon (Apple TV, Mac, speakers ...) in the music playback section of the Control Center.

10. Insertion of Low Power Mode in the Control Center.

11. Quick actions in the Control Center without 3D Touch.

12. One- handed keyboard for left-handed and right-handed people.

13. Send and receive money via iMessage with Apple Pay Cash .

14. The arrival of the ARKit augmented reality platform.

15. A redesign of the section of the App Store in the Messages application.

16. New chat effects in the native Apple messaging app.

17. Messages can be stored in the cloud services of iCloud (soon available with iOS 11.3).

18. A great update of the App Store with a new design that offers stories, comments, recommendations and better organized sections.

19. Users can turn off rating and review requests for iOS 11 apps.

20. It is possible to disable the automatic video playback of the Apple App Store.

21. New application to manage files.

22. Now you can scan QR codes directly in the Camera app.

23. Hidden level for aerial photos in the Camera application.

24. Portrait mode works with optical image stabilization, HDR and flash.

25. Introduction of the new format of HEIF images with greater efficiency that helps to compress files to save storage capacity.

26. The native Photos application has compatibility with GIFs.

27. Implementation of drag and drop functionality

28. "People" albums are synchronized on all devices.

29. Ability to select a thumbnail image for Live Photos.

30. Live Photos have a function to cut their duration.

31. New effects for Live Photos .

32. Multitasking on the iPad has completely renewed its design and usability.

33. Send Live Photos to the Android operating system via MMS.

34. Live Photos can be converted into GIFs via email.

35. New album for GIFs and Live Photos with effects.

36. Videos of the images of Optimized memories.

37. Learning mechanism for Photo Memories.

38. Capture Live Photos while using FaceTime.

39. FaceTime has a new ringing sound.

40. New tools to mark, save and mark PDFs in a much more comfortable, fast and efficient way.

41. It is possible to make notifications always visible persistently.

42. Possibility to deactivate the preview of notifications in any application.

43. Blocking applications in the notification history.

44. 32-bit applications no longer work. Conversion to 64 bits .

45. Internal maps of Shopping Centers and Airports.

46. Navigation in Maps has a guide and a speed indicator.

47. Introduction of Do Not Disturb Mode while driving .

48. Zoom into the Maps application with just one finger.

49. Reduced view of the guide in Maps.

50. Cities with virtual "Flight" mode.

51. SOS Emergency Functionality.

52. Quick lock of Touch ID functionality.

53. Security between iPhone and PC / Mac is more advanced.

54. The user interface of the password is slightly different.

55. The Calculator application has a new look.

56. Redesign in a lot of apps icons.

57. Organize and / or eliminate multiple applications at the same time.

58. Dock applications do not have text.

59. Withdraw from the home screen in the App Switcher.

60. The battery icon has been changed.

61. Possibility to turn off the iPhone via AssistiveTouch.

62. Possibility of restarting the iPhone via AssistiveTouch.

63. More accessibility options for the AssistiveTouch function.

64. The iPhone can now answer calls automatically.

65. Introduction of a function to write text to Siri .

66. Siri is able to translate languages.

67. More suggestions for Siri.

68. Siri's voice sounds much more natural.

69. Third-party applications have integration with Siri.

70. Special recommendations to save storage space .

71. Elimination of applications conserving your data.

72. Deleting attachments in messages much simpler.

73. Withdrawal of the integration of Facebook and Twitter.

74. Tracking flights through Safari.

75. Definition of words directly in Safari.

76. Renewing the user interface of video playback in Safari.

77. Improved Safari security encryption.

78. Safari simplifies the blocking of cookies.

79. The scroll function is faster in Safari.

80. Addition of insertion of tables in the Notes application.

81. Locking of annotations easier in Notes.

82. Possibility of highlighting annotations in the Notes app.

83. Instantaneous insertion of freehand drawings in Notes.

84. Document scanner in Notes using the camera.

85. New text formatting options for Notes.

86. The Mail application has been redesigned.

87. Inserting drawings in Mail.

88. New wallpapers of iOS 11.

89. More space for apps in the iPad Dock .

90. New touch gestures for iPhone X.

So far all features, functions and features of iOS 11 most remarkable. The truth is that Apple has implemented a very good amount of changes. What is your favorite novelty of iOS 11? 

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