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Monday, 12 February 2018

A clean scam: Buy an iPhone 8, but receive a bar of soap

From the creators of buying an iPhone on the internet and receiving a cucumber comes another historical milestone in the anecdotal of online shopping: the innocent person who buys a magnificent iPhone 8 on a trusted website like Amazon and receives a bar of soap for washing machine . No True Tone or Touch ID, but the promise of removing even the toughest stains without rubbing.

Okay, we like it because it looks like the sketch of a bad series , but that's what happened to Tabrej Mehaboob Nagrali, a 26-year-old software engineer from India when he ordered an iPhone 8 on Amazon. And is that after disbursing 55,000 rupees (about 860 dollars) for this magnificent phone on January 22, the surprise to open the package could not be more unpleasant.

Yes, you read correctly: these things can happen to you both on an unknown website, on a platform for exchange between individuals or even on such reputable websites as Amazon or eBay. No one is free. Of course, the great advantage of these sites is their buyer protection policy .

But Nagrali did not fool around and reported the incident to the police in Bombay , showing his discomfort both with Amazon and the seller in particular, the Flipkart store. Eye, that although we are not known, the giant Walmart plans to absorb it and is valued at 11,600 million dollars, being one of the most popular retailers in the Asian country.

A spokesperson for that trade has ensured zero tolerance for these incidents, promising to resolve it as soon as possible. It is not the first time that this store gives pig by hare, although in June of last year something similar happened although with a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and also received washing machine soap. Will they sell cell phones and washing machines or literally wash their hands when they run out of stock?

Via ! iDropNews 

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