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Sunday, 4 February 2018

A rumor suggests that the Apple Watch could cause cancer

We recently published an article about AirPods and the headache , about how some people reported migraines and even mild nausea when using them. And is that these gadgets that we like so much emit and receive radiation of various kinds .

One of the rumors that seems to be gaining strength is the continued use of Apple Watch and the infamous cancer. And is that the emission and reception of radiofrequency waves continuously , could have negative effects on long-term health.

The new Apple Watch, the famous series 3 presented in September 2017, has the possibility of establishing communications just as a telephone does. And of course, having a frequency transmitter attached to the wrist for 24 hours can cause someone to reconsider its use. Because radiofrequencies are a human carcinogen

And what to do about it? Stop using the Apple Watch ? We understand that no, Apple builds safe devices for users , although it would not hurt to follow some guidelines that can reduce exposure to these frequencies. Or at least, that manufacturers minimize this type of radiation.

Because there are those who argue that Apple should implement something that was a way of reducing radio frequencies , so that reduce them if the Watch is in a low period of activity. It would work like airplane mode and turn off all the emitters of the clock . This would have the added benefit of saving a lot of battery life.

Or there is also the possibility of making greater use of the airplane mode , avoiding emissions at times when we really do not need the full functionality of the Watch. Or maybe it's something paranoid and we do not have to worry about? The debate is on the table. 

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