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Thursday, 22 February 2018

AirPods 2 will be water resistant

A few days ago we commented that, according to financial results, Apple's wearable division already had, by itself, the size of one of the 500 largest companies in the world , which demonstrates the confidence that users have in new products from Apple, including those from the Apple Watch to, of course, the AirPods. And the company is determined to make its accessories better and better .

For this reason, from Cupertino are already working on the new version of wireless headphones, which not only would have wireless charging capabilities , as shown above, but also include some features much expected by consumers. Among them, the ability to resist water , similar to some models of the competition such as Bragi Dash, which are completely resistant to activities such as swimming.

According to Bloomberg, this feature will not be as advanced as in the aforementioned headphones, and will simply mimic the IP67 certification that the iPhone already has. However, the thing is not there. In addition to this improvement in design, the new AirPods will integrate the new W2 chip , which was already integrated into the Apple Watch Series 3 , and which improves the autonomy of these. The integration with Siri will also be improved, so that they can respond to the command "Oye Siri" autonomously.

For now, there is no detail on whether it would maintain the prices of the current model, or whether on the contrary it will be a version with a higher price. As for availability, it is not expected that they will leave this year, but they would have a scheduled launch for next year 2019 , so we will have to wait a little longer than expected to be able to get this new version of a product that has known to revolutionize the wireless audio market.

And you, do you have AirPods?

Source | Bloomberg 

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