Another iPhone explodes in an Apple Store in Hong Kong (and they go 3) -


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Saturday, 3 February 2018

Another iPhone explodes in an Apple Store in Hong Kong (and they go 3)

Less than a month ago we told you that two iPhone batteries exploded in less than 24 hours in two different stores , the first in Switzerland and the second in Valencia . Well, today it has been repeated in an Apple Store in Hong Kong .

According to the South China Morning Post, emergency personnel were sent to the Apple Store located in the shopping center of Harbor View Road after a police report taken at 12:07 a.m. A police officer has stated:

    Two workers were repairing the battery of an iPhone when it suddenly started to smoke, at that time began to complain about having inhaled.

Fortunately, it was the employees themselves who put out the fire before the emergency services arrived, so it was not even necessary to evacuate the store . Of course, both workers were sent to the hospital.

After the incident, an Apple spokesman explained:

    It is a minor incident and soon the store returned to normal, also no customer suffered damage.

Apple continues to investigate these events because they are more frequent than they would like in Cupertino. And is that to a certain extent it is normal for a battery to explode , taking into account that it is composed of flammable chemical elements, so its handling is not free of risks.

In addition, it is also investigated whether this repair was part of the battery replacement program on a global scale offered by Apple in conjunction with the batterygate .

And is that millions of iOS users are taking advantage of the battery replacement program to replace that component of their respective iPhone, so the volume of repairs is much higher than usual. So much so that in some models the stock has run out until March .

Via | Patently Apple 

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