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Sunday, 4 February 2018

Apple, against the emojis

Apple has started to refuse the publication of some applications in its App Store because it contains emojis in its user interface, in its screenshots or in its icons.

We all know that the rules and conditions of iTunes for the publication of applications in the iOS App Store are very strict ... But we were unaware that they reached this limit.

As described by the situation Sam Eckert, iOS developer, apps can not use emojis in places where a user could have written to comply with the new rules. Applications should replace the use of Apple emojis by custom icons if they wish to be approved.

Why does not Apple allow emojis in apps?

    App Store Review just rejected the Binary of the newest version of @getBittracker because we use emoji in the app and therefore apparently broke copyright rules.

    Yep, that's true. We're talking about emojis in screenshots, but more importantly also within the app as raw text.
    - Sam Eckert (@ Sam0711er) January 31, 2018

As mentioned in the tweet, "the App Store has rejected the new version of the application because they use emojis in the app and apparently breaks the copyright rules".

    what about using them as assets in a game, it just to "decorate" your ui?
    - lukas kollmer (@lukas_kollmer) February 2, 2018

Apple has not ruled on the matter with any explicit mention of the use of emojis in the iOS App Store applications. It seems that the team responsible for approving and rejecting the publication of apps is censoring the use of emojis in favor of Apple's intellectual property.

On the other hand, as a curious fact, it is interesting to note that Apple has never banned the use of the San Francisco font (used in iOS) in the user interface of the apps. But emojis ...? No way!

Source | 9to5mac 

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