Apple calls for calm: the filtered iOS code is outdated -


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Friday, 9 February 2018

Apple calls for calm: the filtered iOS code is outdated

A few hours ago we learned that Apple had suffered a leak of such importance that could be a serious blow to the security of iOS, which has been so praised over the past few years. The filtered data belonged to the source code of one of the versions of the mobile operating system, specifically, one of the components of the same, called iBoot, responsible for carrying out the boot of the devices that carry iOS.

However, what seemed like it would become a real problem for the company and, of course, for users of Apple devices around the world, will be nothing more than a mere anecdote in Apple's history. The company itself has confirmed that there will be no impact on the security of its customers, given that, apart from being a code belonging to a version three years ago, the security of iOS does not depend on its code being maintained. safe.

Of course, this finding may allow certain developers to work on new threats to the system, but it's nothing new. In fact, the search for vulnerabilities has never stopped , nor is it going to start from scratch because of this, thanks to that, users of Apple products can be sure that we will be protected, at least, if there are no more problems as those who have been chasing these months to iOS and macOS.

What we must be clear, is that before this type of incident we can not lose calm, let alone start thinking that our iPhone, iPad or iPod are no longer safe and we should stop using them. This type of leaks occur in all companies, today Apple has simply shown that they are not an exception .

Via | MacRumors 

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