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Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Apple changes its strategy with iOS 12 but new features are already known

A few days ago it was leaked that Apple did not prepare major changes for iOS 12. And is that after complaints about iOS 11 and its long list of problems , lags and others, it seems that in Cupertino had chastened and bet on a return to the origins . That is, improve the performance of the devices and commit to having the functions arrive on time.

In fact more than one user has wondered - and rightly so - how it was possible that the iPhone 7 came out with a beta of the portrait mode, the iPhone 8 did the same with La Luz portrait and the HomePod was for sale before AirPlay 2 is operational. The feeling of acceleration and lack of planning is evident . Thus, it is not surprising that Phil Schiller points out that they are going through a bad time to argue the bugs of iOS 11 .

But if Apple is a brand recognized for its quality and support, it is precisely because they know how to do things well . Mark Gurman of Bloomberg has just predicted that although rare, iOS 12 will bring a series of very interesting developments that we will detail.

More discretion than ever

For starters, Apple wants discretion and meet deadlines . So much so that it is proposed to do cycles of 2 years for iOS and macOS instead of a year as before. Mind you, it's not that we do not see a new iOS every September, but that the engineers do not remove the betas so soon with functions in development, so that when they come out they are much more polished.

Apparently, it would be following this strategy with Apple Pay Cash or the arrival of iMessage to iCloud.

Animoji come to FaceTime

Although the change of strategy will be appreciated by many users who have suffered the updates of iOS 11 in old terminals, Apple also promises news and the first one is the most playful: Animoji can be used in FaceTime in full video call .

It may be trivial, but these animations that use facial recognition have become so characteristic and exclusive that even Gucci or Android developers have imitated them at all costs.

Siri keeps improving

Apple knows that the improvements in Siri with iOS 11 are still insufficient, especially if we compare them with Alexa or Google Assistant , for that reason and although we have already seen that integrated into HomePod surprised by its intelligence , the next step will be to further improve its integration in the iPhone and its searches .

Do not bother

Do not disturb is one of those functions unfairly underutilized and that serves us well for those who spend the day connected. Apple knows this and wants to increase the degree of personalization that we can configure, such as rejecting certain calls, silencing some notifications, etc.

Multiplayer mode in Augmented Reality games

Augmented Reality is a promising market and with ARKit it has finally reached the general public, which had already become hooked on Pokémon GO. With the new multiplayer mode , Apple will continue to gain adherents to the cause.

Among the list provided by Gurman we see that also the native app to control the stock market will suffer a facelift .

As is tradition at Apple, iOS 12 will be presented at WWDC 2018 in the month of June . Meanwhile, we can only hope that Apple implements some of the functions most demanded by users . 

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