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Thursday, 22 February 2018

Apple could launch ... another video game console?

Just a few hours ago, a new application formalized by Apple regarding the Apple TV brand appeared on the US trademark and patent registry. Normally, this type of details would go unnoticed, as they are usually simple brand renewals for their products, however, this time there was a small detail that more than one will have caused a dejavĂș when reading the content of the document.

Specifically, Apple asks that the Apple TV logo be associated with a new use that encompasses everything from video games, to traditional video game consoles, something that has been surprising given that the Apple device has always left in the background any games that could publish on the App Store, with a few exceptions like thatgamecompany's last game, Sky. And precisely for that reason, it is possible that the company is considering entering this market in earnest.

On the other hand, it is not only a question of the patent and its content, which is not the only one that has been presented in relation to this as you can see here , but also of the team that is behind it. Especially by an employee of the team, Norman Wang, who would have been present in the team of companies such as PlayStation or Electronic Arts . The point is, Apple was not very good at the first time he tried.

Surely many do not know this, or they forgot it, but, in the hypothetical case that Apple launched a video game console, it would not be their first attempt . Pippin, one of Apple's biggest failures, was the first and last time the company tried to get into the home console market. The big difference is that now they have with the Apple TV a perfect platform for gaming services in the cloud, which would not require a large console. For now, we can only imagine what they would do.

And you, do you know about Pippin's existence in the past?

Via | Patently Apple 

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