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Friday, 16 February 2018

Apple invents a surprising lens for your devices

Without any doubt, one of the factors that weighs a lot when it comes to acquiring a device is its ability to take photographs. We want them to be sharp, with good balance and to invite us to continue shooting .

Therefore, brands strive to give us megapixels, improved optics, sensors that capture even the slightest bit of light . And Apple do quite well all this, in fact their cameras have improved a lot from the original iPhone , which offered 1600 × 1200 pixels.

Californians have registered a patent that could offer improved image quality for a small format factor camera, by using accessory lenses. This type of lens would improve certain current capabilities , such as being able to take macro-shooting more naturally by reducing or increasing the focal length of the camera's lens.

The accessory lenses would manage to direct the light that passes through it to the lens of the camera, achieving a better management of this parameter . It would remain to see if it would be integrated into the set of camera lenses or would be something that is attached to it.

This patent has been registered in the third quarter of 2016, unknown its future development in upcoming accessories, Apple may even delay its implementation although the reality is that the improvement of the cameras of the devices has made giant advances.

The patents that Apple has made, about 46 in recent times , include some as a USB integrated in the iPad , flexible screens or a new type of fabric capable of transmitting signals for the strap of the Apple Watch.

Do you think that Apple cameras give a sufficient quality? Is the competition ahead in this regard? Express yourself in our comments section.

Via | patentlyapple 

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