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Monday, 26 February 2018

Apple Park: the attack of the drones

Over the last few years we have seen how the construction of Apple Park was evolving thanks to aerial drones that many people made to fly over the area.

Thanks to these drones, we could see how spectacular the Apple Park looks at night and even on occasion we had the opportunity to take a look inside.

But there are other times when drones do not work out well ... and the video that we will share below is a clear example of this.

A drone crashes into the Apple Park

A YouTube user known as Roberts has recently published a video in which you can see how a drone plummets towards Apple Park. Apparently, the pilot lost the remote control of the device probably because it was too far away.

The anonymous person who lost control of the drone contacted Roberts to try to locate his drone ... and there it is. On top of the roof structure of the Apple Park. In the video you can see the fall of the drone and the subsequent location of it. Now it is also part of the construction. It is very unlikely that the owner of the drone can recover his device.

Well, at least thanks to this little drone we could see the Apple Park very, very, very close.

During the construction of the Apple Park there were not many people in the area. But now there are thousands of Apple employees who are perplexed as some drones continue to fly over the area . After this curious accident, many will think twice before sending their drones to Apple Park. And you, what do you think about this curious event?

Source | Digital Trends 

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