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Monday, 19 February 2018

Apple patents 7 new HomePod 2 designs

he new smart speaker of Apple does not stop generating news, many are the usual when the Cupertino take something. That if the price or the design, without a doubt they are the typical mantras of the habitual haters . In this case, the delay in going on sale or its availability (three countries in this case), have been the trending topic .

The issue is that the HomePod likes, generates attraction and seems to be working well , despite having reached a market where the speakers of Amazon or Google are already working with good brands. The Apple does not get bad reviews in terms of sound or design , yes in terms of its ecosystem, apparently prepared for Apple Music, although this can be mocked . And well, that stains the furniture .

So much so that Apple has already registered 7 patents for an evolution of its original loudspeaker , and these have occurred last Thursday February 15 in the Patent and Trademark Office of Hong Kong, although the developments that could have this evolution are still an unknown and do not know how Apple could materialize them.

This would show that Apple wants to continue developing this concept for the future, adding perhaps new features and possibilities. The HomePod integrates with Siri to reprosucir music lists, select songs by environment or answer the phone if necessary.

The sale of this accessory occurred last Friday, February 9, previously enunciĆ³ at the end of January, and a price of 349 US dollars, occurring in only three countries, the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, not knowing when will arrive to the rest of the markets , where you will be waiting with enthusiasm.

And is that HomePod has also been news for the high cost for Californians has its manufacturing process, around $ 216, as well as the inability to repair it in case of problems , as they have shown from iFixit . In fact, from Apple already announced that they replaced the units that give failures by new ones.

It will then be to know what is the behavior of HomePod in other countries when it is launched, if existing Amazon or Google will leave a hole in the market or Apple will get a hole . Be that as it may, the Cupertino strategy of launching in this field is always welcome, which can make the competition even fiercer.

Are you interested in the concept of Apple speaker? Do you value your purchase when it is available in our country? We will love to know this in comments, do not forget to visit us in our spaces on Facebook and Twitter social networks .

Via | patentlyapple 

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