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Saturday, 17 February 2018

Apple patents a sheet that measures vital signs!

Everyone knows that since the arrival of Tim Cook at the head of Apple in 2011, the company has been taking priority in certain matters. From concern for the environment to one as important as health care .

It is already demonstrating with the guidance that Apple Watch has taken, able to detect heart problems and diabetes , the true Achilles heel of developed societies, along with obesity.

And is that a new patent has been registered by Californians referred to a sheet that is able to record and monitor the vital signs of the user, obviously oriented to the health care of the same.

The idea of ​​this investment by Apple is that of a product that can be used in the home and by several users, for example, to control and monitor sleep , which is a factor that is altered with frequent apneas. In addition to this, this sheet has been thought of as something that can be portable and used in different places . We can imagine using it in our home or in the beach apartment without having to buy a different one.

The advantages that this system would introduce would be in guards, since apparently it does not have any type of complex cables or probes , everything would be through electrodes, and would provide the advantage of not having to travel to any medical center to make measurements.

Logically, it is a patent and it is unknown if this project ends up being carried out and if so, when it would be available in the market. What is certain is that in an increasingly aging society there seems to be an interesting market niche for this type of item.

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Via | patentlyapple 

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