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Thursday, 15 February 2018

Apple patents a special fabric for covers, speakers and belts

Today we have made a news about the patents that Apple has in sight, including a next-generation iPad with a USB port on the left side. But it is apparent that it is one of the 46 that has recently registered, and one that draws attention is one on a fabric for some of its products .

The granting of this patent refers to a fabric that can be used both in covers, as the coatings of a future HomePod and other items. This type of structured fabric, as we say, could be used as a protective box or cover trim . It can even be used for a strap for the Apple Watch .

Apple lists a number of possible products that can use this structured fabric in the near future and that can be used in forming part of an electronic device such as a MacBook, a computer monitor, an iPad, an iPhone, a HomePod speaker, a multimedia player or any other portable electronic device.

It could also accommodate a smaller device, such as the Apple Watch, a hanging device, some AirPods or the so-called virtual reality helmet . The curious thing about this tissue would be not only in its ability to perspire , but in the power to send optical and audio signals, come on, a fabric with more functions than the purely aesthetic.

It also mentions the patent of a dock for portable devices that could work alternatively by blows, not logically hitting the device itself, but by vibration captured when striking , for example, the table on which it is supported. In short, the thinking minds of Californians do not stop spinning to surprise in the not too distant future.

Via | patentlyapple 

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