Apple patents a surprising Pencil that draws 3D in the air -


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Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Apple patents a surprising Pencil that draws 3D in the air

Nobody could imagine that years after Steve Jobs presented the iPad, eight years ago, we were talking about an accessory, the Apple Pencil . He has been with us for a couple of seasons and has shown us everything he can do and how he helps certain types of people in their jobs.

Well today we have known that the Cupertino company has patented an evolution of the Apple Pencil that is capable of writing and drawing on any surface, even can do it on air . That is, you can follow the movements of the pencil even if it is not on any physical place, such as a table or a tablet.

This patent , registered last July, bears the name "Creation of content for the use of electronic devices for entry into non-electronic surfaces", and for the moment that is what it is. We want to say that we do not know if it will end up materializing in the future or, on the contrary, the company will not develop it.

The patent is not too explicit in itself, since it mentions that it could use a motion or orientation sensor, a camera, or an electromagnetic triangulation scheme based on sound. This sensor could be placed in an external device, such as a laptop or desktop.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the patent is the fact that it would not need a table or a tablet to reproduce drawings , which would allow designing 3D objects simply by moving the device through the air. If in addition to that we have a three-dimensional printer , the possibilities of creation are multiplied.

Do you think it is viable that in the medium term we will see this materialized? Would it be useful? Will Apple finally take it out? All this and more we wait for it in comments . 

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