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Thursday, 15 February 2018

Apple releases a section of augmented reality on its website

Apple's interest in augmented reality was evident some time ago, although lately there have been movements that have made it very clear that sooner rather than later we will have news about what in Cupertino consider the true potential of this technology .

Today, the apple company has taken another step in this regard, launching a new section dedicated exclusively to augmented reality on its website.

Far beyond playing, the text of Apple offers us some solutions that augmented reality can offer to facilitate our day to day: from using it to place virtually a piece of furniture at home and see how it is before deciding and buying it, even fascinate to a whole class of students turning their classroom into the cosmos , making a lesson an unforgettable experience.

Apple's vision is that thanks to augmented reality, we will change our concept of seeing things . According to its own website:

    Augmented reality is a new way of using technology that transforms the way you work, learn, play and connect.

ARkit was presented together with iOS 11, and gives developers the possibility to create disruptive ways to facilitate our day to day. Apple is aware that virtual reality will come from one moment to another to stay , which is why its A11 Bionic chip is optimized to support this type of applications.

We know that Apple has a very particular vision of the technologies that have been developed previously, so much so that we should only see fields such as wearables , where thanks to the qualities of its smartwatch it became the undisputed king of sales, making this type desirable. of gadget. This case does not seem to be an exception.

While until now virtual reality was used little more than games like the Pokémon Go, the truth is that we are heading towards a moment where its usefulness will go much further. Currently there are applications that have a much deeper utility than mere entertainment , but they still have a lot of development ahead of them.

The augmented reality provided by the ARKit can be used from the iPhone SE , so all those with relatively modern devices can test the characteristics of these applications in the first person. Here are a few so you can see what is coming, although the best thing will be to be attentive, because it seems that in the future virtual reality will be present in our day to day.

Via | Patently Apple 

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