Apple should be inspired by Samsung and its gesture of solidarity against cancer -


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Monday, 5 February 2018

Apple should be inspired by Samsung and its gesture of solidarity against cancer

On Sunday, February 4, World Cancer Day was celebrated, an initiative that since 2000 aims to raise awareness about the effects of this terrible disease in the world. Unfortunately, it is a battle that continues to be fought, but that is not won.

And we can only clap hands to Samsung, the giant South Korean, who has had a precious gesture to help those affected by this evil . He has done it in the hands of Manu Brabo , a photographer who has the Pulitzer Prize for Photography of 2013.

The artist, a native of Zaragoza, has been portraying with his camera the daily life of patients and relatives of cancer , as well as that of medical teams, volunteers and others. The result is a digital book with 40 snapshots that reflects both the battle of the sick and the struggle of all the people who in one way or another are cared against this disease.

And if before we talked about applauding Samsung, it is due to the fact that he donates one euro for each download of this digital book , which on the other hand is a marvel, and another euros for the complete visualization of a video that bears his name " Correspondents of war in Breast Cancer ", like the book.

The goal is to reach 100,000 euros , which will surely be achieved in a few hours, to donate them entirely to the Spanish Federation of Breast Cancer (FECMA). A happy idea that says a lot and good about Samsung, which has had a very positive gesture of solidarity .

Hopefully next year is not only Samsung, Apple, Huawei and those who earn so much and so much money with something as fashionable as electronics. A small gesture that makes big and humanizes companies.

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