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Thursday, 22 February 2018

Apple shows that the iPhone camera is the best with 3 videos

Many times we are not aware of the potential we have with the camera of our iPhone. We get tired of repeating that it will never replace a professional camera, but we forget that we have in our pocket a device that is capable of recording in 4K and taking pictures with amazing clarity.

Knowing this, Apple has published in its YouTube account a series of three short videos , of little more than 30 seconds each, where some simple and easy tricks are given so that your experience with the camera goes beyond.

These videos will teach you, or guide you, on how to make a photograph in overhead perspective, how to photograph in black and white, and a final on how to adjust the time in a slow motion video. Three small pearls that are easy to understand and apply and that will undoubtedly make you stand out when making your shots.
Apple often shares photography tutorials with the iPhone in the form of videos to provide users with tips and tricks on the use of various photo features and cameras. Like the ones that have been published previously, the saga with tutorials for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus , are aimed at people who are not particularly familiar with the set of features of the iPhone.

And we always say it, there is nothing better than being able to squeeze the most out of your iPhone, you have not spent a lot of money to send WhatsApp or play Pou, you can do hundreds of different things and that will fill you with satisfaction. Because a good photo well done, thanks to your iPhone, will remain as an indelible memory .

Via | macrumors
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